5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn


LinkedIn has long been considered an excellent way for people to connect with one another and find jobs that would not have been otherwise available. There are five changes coming to the service that are quite exciting, they offer you the chance to completely change your profile and improve your chances of finding gainful employment.

Here are the five changes LinkedIn is implementing:

  • Multiple Photo Attachment Options

If you wanted to post pictures to LinkedIn before you would have had to make several posts because you could not add multiple pictures to a single post. Now, LinkedIn has updated its platform and made it a great deal easier for you to attach photos to your posts. You now have the option to attach multiple pictures to your post which will help make the platform easier for you to use and can make your posts a great deal neater than they were before.

  • Record And Post Videos Directly to LinkedIn

Another extremely useful feature you would be able to use is recording videos by tapping a single button in LinkedIn and then posting said videos to LinkedIn directly. This is very useful because it can allow you to create a streamlined production process if you regular post videos to your LinkedIn profile. Now that videos can be posted directly, perhaps we can see LinkedIn include a live video feature similar to Facebook sometime in the future!

  • Share LinkedIn Articles Outside The Platform

Before when you shared a long form article that you had written on LinkedIn, only people that had a LinkedIn account would have been able to read it. What’s more is that people that wanted to read it would have to log in to their LinkedIn accounts before accessing it. This was highly inconvenient, so many people are going to be glad that LinkedIn has done away with this feature entirely. Now you can post things to LinkedIn and share them in other locations, people would be able to read them regardless of whether or not they have a LinkedIn account.

  • Share Raw Drafts

Another change that is being made to the long form posts is that you can publish drafts that other people would be able to edit. This would make work conducted within a team dynamic much easier to complete because you would be able to post the project and have your teammates make corrections or suggestions wherever they see fit.

  • Turn Off Comments

One really annoying aspect of LinkedIn was the fact that you could not get rid of spammers. On the contrary, when someone started to spam your posts you would no choice but to delete their comments one by one. Now you can start to delete comments as and when you see them. This would make LinkedIn a much healthier place for you to share things, as you would have much greater control of your profile and posts overall.