5 New Facebook Updates And Tests Spotted This Week


Whenever there is an update to Facebook’s layout, it does not sit all that well with the social media site’s users. However, the recent updates have been made a lot more warmly, possibly because people are starting to realize that Facebook is going to do whatever it wants regardless of their feelings about it and besides, the vast majority of these changes work quite well in the long term. There are five major changes that have been made this week.

Facebook has been pushing the group feature quite a bit for the past couple of years which has resulted in a large influx of groups all of which are pretty useful in one way or another. The great thing about these groups is that Facebook has just made them even better. Now that the groups are an accepted part of the Facebook community, the social media platform has made it easier to see who the admin of a group is by adding badges to their names. Hence, you will always be able to see the admin of each group with ease.

Another change that Facebook made to the groups was by making it easier to link pages to said groups. If there is a group that has a page related to it, these two entities can be linked by the admin. Now, the linked pages can become even more prominent because an admin would be able to send like invites to all of the members of the linked groups. This can really help pages improve their traction in the early stages of their existence.

Outside of the group related updates that Facebook has offered, we have started seeing reactive text pop up here and there. This reactive text involves a phrase that, when posted, changes to specific color and reacts when you click on it. For example, if you post a comment that says “congratulations” or any variation of the term such as “congrats”, the text would turn red and you would be able to click on it to see a burst of balloons! The great thing is that this feature would apply on a number of other types of words as well, including words in other languages. This would further Facebook’s trend of being as globally accessible as possible.

A long awaited update that many are going to be happy about is the Facebook update that improves translations. Facebook translations have been almost comically bad, but now they have improved quite a bit. It is important to consider the impact this will have on Facebook’s accessibility.

Finally, Facebook has further improved its business accessibility by giving you the ability to tag products in your posts. These products can be really prominent in your posts if you add a picture or the like. This is a boon for businesses based on Facebook, and many of them would be able to improve their revenue stream thanks to this update.