LEDs Save The World


It is a well known and well documented fact that using LED lights can reduce the amount of money that you will have to spend on energy bills. LED lights run for a lot longer than your average traditional light bulb. A regular LED will have an expected life span of about a hundred thousand hours. This means that if you never switch the LED light bulb off even once, it will still give you around 11 years of power and lighting, if you use it for 12 hours a day you can get 22 years out of the light bulb, however since most people only use light bulbs for around 8 hours a day, you can probably go over 22 years as well depending on usage frequency. This means you do not have to change your light bulbs quite as often and will not need to worry about buying a lot of traditional florescent light bulbs. It also means that you will be helping save the environment because this will lead to a huge decrease in the amount of light bulbs that are bought, used, and then thrown away because they fused out.

Buying LED light bulbs can greatly reduce the amount of trash that is produced by the people who use them. Even if a few people make the change you can still have an impact on the world because people tend to use up a lot of light bulbs in around 22 years.

Now one of the reason some people say that they do not want LEDs is because they do not like the look of LED strips, well this in itself should not be a problem, you can very easily begin switching to pendant lights with Carlton Lights. These are LEDs that can be plugged into pendant lights.

Electric Carving Knives: A New Addition To Your Kitchen


Family reunions bring with them lots of fun, catching up with each other and reliving old memories you had once forgotten because at the end of the day, family stays with you. Of course no good family reunion be it on Christmas, Thanksgiving or just a random family event is complete without a good meal. Regardless of whether it is a big feast or a more conservative setup, food ultimately becomes the medium through which we interact, bond and connect.

However, not every host enjoy dealing with the process of cooking said meal. Preparing protein isn’t easy either, a lot of work goes into it from the seasoning to the process of cooking the meat itself. Knife work is a pretty important part of meal prep as well. However, not everyone is necessarily good at it. This results in putting a lot of energy trying to cut everything and it is even worse if you aren’t able to cut it evenly/properly. Thankfully, electric carving knives now exist and can be a great addition to your kitchen utensils for numerous reasons.

First of all, electric carving knives do not require you to apply a lot of force on your part since the knife will do the work for you, so you end up not feeling physically exhausted or drained after cutting numerous tough proteins and vegetables. Next, since you are not applying the effort on your own, the knife will produce cleaner and more accurate cuts which is a great option during events like Thanksgiving where people struggle with carving the meat properly. You can find electric knives in stores and online, however, if you do not know where to start looking or where to find the best electric carving knife, you can start with looking up reviews online first to get a better idea.

Where Should You Go When You Are Metal Detecting


In movies or cartoons, we often see the characters going on with their metal detectors and trying to carry out metal detectors in the weirdest places but you will be shocked to hear that some of the scenes were accurate and you can find your treasure in the most common yet unusual places.

Let us look at some of the places where you go metal detecting.


People generally do not believe this but fields, especially the farming ones tend to have a lot of good in the ground and not just organic good. It is quite possible that you would find a lot of metal in one such field but we urge you to talk to the owner of the field before you go snooping around it and if you own a Garrett GTI 2500, we would recommend that you take it with you as it is an amazing metal detector.


It is the most common place to find treasure because loads of people mingle here and the waves can bring up a lot of good stuff. We would recommend that you spend hours detecting here, especially at night because it will be mostly empty and full of things that people might have dropped or forgotten which will add a lot of things to your collection.


Churches are the best place to find some interesting relics because generally churches are old as they generally get built whenever a town starts becoming alive. Since it is a historic building in a way, it collects relics over time which gets dropped by people who go to church. The most common thing that you might find is coins which would be an amazing addition to your collection though do talk to the church people before you start.

The Making of Music


Many people seem to think that being a DJ is merely mixing up a few songs just using some application or software and then tweaking the sound levels to make a few songs or a playlist, however nothing could be further from the truth. Being a DJ does not mean just taking any two songs that you like and putting them in an app together to make a song; it takes a lot of experience and a lot of practice to become a good DJ, and there are a lot of different types of DJs too.

You might be in to the night club scene, you might work on the radio, you might do outdoor parties, or you might just do weddings. There are many different types of DJs and all of them require a different type of skill set to be able to pull off a certain style. The one common thing between all these DJs is that they all use a DJ mixer to create and play their songs. After having a DJ mixer you need to get the required components to make sure that the mixer suits your style, your needs, and the job you are going to be playing.

To do all of that efficiently, you need to ask the question, ‘how does a DJ mixer work?’ so that you can get started. The way a DJ mixer mixes songs together is by creating channels that allow the sound created on the decks to go to the mixer to merge the sounds according to the various settings that the DJ has set up. A basic mixer will have around two sources for sound that can be merged, mostly vinyl spinners, but more elaborate mixers also exist that can let you add more sound sources to the deck.

The Dangers of Asbestos


Asbestos, though highly dangerous, is still found to be in many buildings still inhibited by the general public. A large population of the world still lives in building dating back to the 1800s. Some of these buildings have never been renovated or check for disease causing factors.Even if majority of the population is aware of the risk of living in these buildings, they are stricken with the choice of either living homeless or in toxicity. Many governments of the world are aware of the risks of mesothelioma which is caused by exposure to asbestos undeniably used in the construction of old buildings.

Even today majority of the population is still exposed to this dangerous mineral but is not sure how to get rid of it. Asbestos removal is a highly recommended to be under strict professional circumstances and under high levels of quality removal.It is a job that shouldn’t even be attempted personally or taken lightly. This is why companies like SERS perform extensive surveys to locate materials that may contain asbestos content. They also perform removal of it with their highly specialized professionals.

Several countries of the world have banned the use of asbestos. These countries also trust companies like SERS to perform surveys if important building to make them safe for human use. The risk of mesothelioma is not something to be taken lightly and most governments do try to do everything in their power to prevent it.The removal of asbestos should never be done without professional help. Products containing asbestos are deemed to be miles away from civilization. Wars veterans go through extensive medical surveys to be deemed rid of the deadly mineral. Surveys are being done in many parts of the world to make them asbestos free.

5 Exciting Changes Coming to LinkedIn


LinkedIn has long been considered an excellent way for people to connect with one another and find jobs that would not have been otherwise available. There are five changes coming to the service that are quite exciting, they offer you the chance to completely change your profile and improve your chances of finding gainful employment.

Here are the five changes LinkedIn is implementing:

  • Multiple Photo Attachment Options

If you wanted to post pictures to LinkedIn before you would have had to make several posts because you could not add multiple pictures to a single post. Now, LinkedIn has updated its platform and made it a great deal easier for you to attach photos to your posts. You now have the option to attach multiple pictures to your post which will help make the platform easier for you to use and can make your posts a great deal neater than they were before.

  • Record And Post Videos Directly to LinkedIn

Another extremely useful feature you would be able to use is recording videos by tapping a single button in LinkedIn and then posting said videos to LinkedIn directly. This is very useful because it can allow you to create a streamlined production process if you regular post videos to your LinkedIn profile. Now that videos can be posted directly, perhaps we can see LinkedIn include a live video feature similar to Facebook sometime in the future!

  • Share LinkedIn Articles Outside The Platform

Before when you shared a long form article that you had written on LinkedIn, only people that had a LinkedIn account would have been able to read it. What’s more is that people that wanted to read it would have to log in to their LinkedIn accounts before accessing it. This was highly inconvenient, so many people are going to be glad that LinkedIn has done away with this feature entirely. Now you can post things to LinkedIn and share them in other locations, people would be able to read them regardless of whether or not they have a LinkedIn account.

  • Share Raw Drafts

Another change that is being made to the long form posts is that you can publish drafts that other people would be able to edit. This would make work conducted within a team dynamic much easier to complete because you would be able to post the project and have your teammates make corrections or suggestions wherever they see fit.

  • Turn Off Comments

One really annoying aspect of LinkedIn was the fact that you could not get rid of spammers. On the contrary, when someone started to spam your posts you would no choice but to delete their comments one by one. Now you can start to delete comments as and when you see them. This would make LinkedIn a much healthier place for you to share things, as you would have much greater control of your profile and posts overall.

5 New Facebook Updates And Tests Spotted This Week


Whenever there is an update to Facebook’s layout, it does not sit all that well with the social media site’s users. However, the recent updates have been made a lot more warmly, possibly because people are starting to realize that Facebook is going to do whatever it wants regardless of their feelings about it and besides, the vast majority of these changes work quite well in the long term. There are five major changes that have been made this week.

Facebook has been pushing the group feature quite a bit for the past couple of years which has resulted in a large influx of groups all of which are pretty useful in one way or another. The great thing about these groups is that Facebook has just made them even better. Now that the groups are an accepted part of the Facebook community, the social media platform has made it easier to see who the admin of a group is by adding badges to their names. Hence, you will always be able to see the admin of each group with ease.

Another change that Facebook made to the groups was by making it easier to link pages to said groups. If there is a group that has a page related to it, these two entities can be linked by the admin. Now, the linked pages can become even more prominent because an admin would be able to send like invites to all of the members of the linked groups. This can really help pages improve their traction in the early stages of their existence.

Outside of the group related updates that Facebook has offered, we have started seeing reactive text pop up here and there. This reactive text involves a phrase that, when posted, changes to specific color and reacts when you click on it. For example, if you post a comment that says “congratulations” or any variation of the term such as “congrats”, the text would turn red and you would be able to click on it to see a burst of balloons! The great thing is that this feature would apply on a number of other types of words as well, including words in other languages. This would further Facebook’s trend of being as globally accessible as possible.

A long awaited update that many are going to be happy about is the Facebook update that improves translations. Facebook translations have been almost comically bad, but now they have improved quite a bit. It is important to consider the impact this will have on Facebook’s accessibility.

Finally, Facebook has further improved its business accessibility by giving you the ability to tag products in your posts. These products can be really prominent in your posts if you add a picture or the like. This is a boon for businesses based on Facebook, and many of them would be able to improve their revenue stream thanks to this update.