Damage Repair 101: How to Fix Fried or Bleached Hair


Dyeing your hair is an exciting endeavor which people like to go on because of the ongoing trends and because it’s like a breath of fresh air that changes things up for a while. The latest trend when it comes to hair and dyeing is going silver, now this trend is pretty doable for people who have blonde or light colored hair. However, for people who have Indian or Malaysian hair or just darker hair in general they will have to struggle a lot and spend months going through the process of bleaching and what not before they start showing shades of silver, of course stripping black hair off its color is something that will have downsides to it as well. So people who attempt to go for lighter colors and start off with black have a huge problem because they are bleaching their hair for months and most of the time it does not even work out and is quite literally the hardest thing to do.

In the process of going silver their hair gets so damaged because of all bleaching that it starts resembling haystack, that is being said without any hint of exaggeration and the term that is commonly used for such hair is fried. So if you ever want to get silver hair then just go for clip-in hair extensions in silver color, you can buy them at T1hair for a really good price as well. Following are some of the things that you can try if your hair’s all fried up, check them out below.

Avoid Sulfates

If you use hair products try to get products that have no sulfates or silicones and do not use shampoo that have harsh chemicals, stick to baby shampoo and conditioners.