Dealing With Back Pain


Inversion therapy is currently taking the medical world by storm. People everywhere are trying it out for back pain and many are claiming that it has done wonders for them and has helped them get their life back from back pain. Consistent use of an inversion therapy table can help many people get rid of chronic back pain and has been able to help a lot of people relax muscles that have been the cause of body pain for a long time.

In this article we will look at the benefits of an inversion table and how one works. To begin with let’s talk about the concept behind inversion table therapy. Inversion therapy says that when your body is hanging upside down at a certain angle your body is forced in to a position where your weight shifts off of your spine and back and instead forces the body to stretch out the spine. So instead of your spine being compressed by the body’s weight, it is decompressed by it instead. What this does is that it forces the pain and pressure that has been pent up in your body to be released. In this way once you are standing back up straight you do not have to worry about the pain coming back.

Some claim that it can also help realign the back if it has been slightly misaligned by sports that make you favour one side of the body heavily, like squash, tennis, or golf. It can also be used after a heavy work out session to stretch the muscles in your body so that they release the stress that was stored in them. However, this might not be safe for every person, especially those with a heart condition, and your doctor should be consulted before the therapy is started.