May The Curl Be Your Kink


Have you ever wondered what the story would end like if Cinderella had an afro? Or maybe if Rapunzel had a long curly mane? The story would definitely had a pretty interesting sexual twist. Curly hair automatically just speaks to the inner woman and brings her out with a fierce roar.

Curly hair just has a spark that the straight hair damsels lack. Straight hair in old fairy tales just speaks of the tame and the timid. Curly haired ladies don’t need a knight in shining armor. They’re fierce and strong. They’re clever and strong. They can be the prince and the villain.

Sadly though, hair has lost a lot of its strength in the past few centuries. Today hair isn’t as strong as it used to be. The beauty products have reduced hair to mere strings. Curly hair isn’t as readily seen as it used to be. But still we see hope because hair extensions exist and are a lifesaving thing.

Kinky curly hair extensions are such a delight to have and bring such fun to your daily activities. These hair extensions are so easy to take care of and so hard to break down. It really depends on where you buy your hair extensions and what kind of hair is used to make them.

Natural human hair is the best for the making of hair extension. The finest is probably Mongolian hair. Mongolian hair is naturally dark and very resistant to damaging circumstances and materials. It’s also heat resistant and very fine and has a natural bounce. Mongolian hair is one of the best known hair for hair extensions.

Even in salons, beauticians prefer this kind of hair. It’s dark and high resistant texture makes it very reliable and fun to have.