Planning to Buy a Hedgehog?


Hedgehogs are rapidly becoming popular among most pet lovers in the US and due to their increasing demand more investors are spending on large scale regarding their breeding and conservation. Originally found in Africa, Pygmy Hedgehog have a very distinct physical appearance with mildly sharp spikes on their back and soft fur on their bellies which makes them altogether adorable looking animals. They have very interesting defensive behavior and it is triggered especially while in the wild around the presence of a predator. Just like turtles, they have their own defense mechanism, when threatened their spikes on the back rise up and they curve themselves in a way that hides their entire belly which is the most vulnerable part of their body.

They are legal in most states of the US and more exotic pet’s awareness programs are being organized due to their increasing numbers as domesticated animals. They are considered quite cheap to own because they don’t ruin or damage other household items in the house and don’t demand constant human attention unlike cats and most domesticated birds like parrots and eagles.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures as they like to wake up at night and search for their food. Even after being domesticated for several years, they have this habit built into their systems and for people who like sleeping early at night might be difficult to manage this pet. If you like to go out with your friends and family at night almost every other day, then this might not be the best pet for you as they sleep through the day. If you have planned to buy a cage for your new pet, then you should first be aware about different types of hedgehogs cages that are available out there in the market.