Preparing For The Winters: Dog Edition


There comes a point during summers where we just get tired of the heat. You get tired more easily, you’re sweating all the time and you can’t seem to operate without air conditioning. This usually starts around September because the joy of summers is long gone by then. So, at the first sign of a cool autumn breeze, we all get excited. We take out our winter wardrobe and then start preparing for the upcoming festivities, namely Halloween, thanksgiving and finally Christmas.

While we are in the middle of all of these preparations and changes, our furry friends can’t help but be excited with us because they catch onto our emotions like that. However, a lot of pet owners don’t realize this but you need to make sure that your pet is also prepared for winters as well. This article will however be only focusing on dog care during the winters.

• If you have an old dog or a dog with certain health problems like arthritis, joint problems etc. you should pay a visit to the vet. Colder weather tends to make things more difficult and painful for them. Your vet will provide you with proper medication and give you advice on how to handle your dog during the time.
• If it snows heavily in your area, do not take your dog out for walks unless you have protective wear for their paws. Dogs are also sensitive to weather changes on their paws, so they cannot walk on temperature extremes. However, if you have a husky or a mastiff, you can take them out since they are built for colder temperatures.
• If your dog is still restless during the time, you can let them loose in your backyard, but at the same time, you should get a heated outdoor dog house for them so that they don’t get too cold either.