The ABCs of Refinery


Ever go to a jewelry store and frowned at the prices of the different stones? Diamonds are a completely different league of their own, but even stones like jades, rubies, sapphires etc. aren’t something one can easily buy, even for middle class families. All of these carry different meanings ranging from symbols of a celebrations, like diamonds are a symbol of union for marriage, other stones may be used for protection, luck or just for ornamental purposes. So, why are they expensive?

It’s pretty simple really, finding these stones in abundant quality is not an easy task. Plus, when you do find them, they have to be mines, and then they go through the refinery or purification process, where the stone is then extracted out of its surrounding impurities. It’s not an easy task, in fact it’s one that requires the effort of hundreds of people to make it happen. However, when it comes to the mining and refinery of precious stones, it’s slowly becoming a dying business because finding mines rich with these stones has more difficult. In fact, a lot of mines have been shut down over the past few decades because of the lack of inactivity.

However, one sector of refinery is still thriving, and that’s metal refinery. Metals like iron and copper need to be extracted from their ores and they are still available in abundance, so it’s a profitable business. However, not easy to break into. You not only need to find the right mines, but also the right miners and other workers. You also need supplies as well, this ranges from heavy machines and equipment to smaller pipes and valves like slurry samplers. So, you need the right suppliers as well, you can check out slurry samplers by Dual Valves in case you happen to be looking for them.