The Five Four Club


I really love clothes. There is something particularly great about getting a new article of clothing or a new outfit. It instantly puts me in a good mood and I love finding new places with stylish clothes at a reasonable price. On a recent hunt for new ways to find good clothes at cheap prices, the woes of being on a student budget, I came across the Christopher Reamfields blog and read about a certain subscription box company called The Five Four Club that sends you a monthly box of clothes once you have become a registered member. Now I am usually very iffy about ordering clothes online from places I have not heard about before, but the review for this subscription box was pretty great and since it had no minimum commitment policy, I decided to give it a try for at least the first month.

So initially going in I read that I would have the option to get a box once every month and that it would cost about 60 dollars. The box would have around 3 to 4 articles of clothing, what you get will be according to what season is currently going on, and then maybe a few accessories. Now I personally have no problem paying 60 dollars for 3 to 4 articles of clothing. I usually spend about that much on one pair of jeans or cotton pants, or maybe two shirts at that price, and that won’t necessarily be the most expensive ones available. So getting this many articles of clothing at that price were pretty good for me. The first time around I got two shirts, a full sleeved tee, and a black pair of jeans. This was a pretty good result and has resulted in me renewing my subscription for another month.