The Making of Music


Many people seem to think that being a DJ is merely mixing up a few songs just using some application or software and then tweaking the sound levels to make a few songs or a playlist, however nothing could be further from the truth. Being a DJ does not mean just taking any two songs that you like and putting them in an app together to make a song; it takes a lot of experience and a lot of practice to become a good DJ, and there are a lot of different types of DJs too.

You might be in to the night club scene, you might work on the radio, you might do outdoor parties, or you might just do weddings. There are many different types of DJs and all of them require a different type of skill set to be able to pull off a certain style. The one common thing between all these DJs is that they all use a DJ mixer to create and play their songs. After having a DJ mixer you need to get the required components to make sure that the mixer suits your style, your needs, and the job you are going to be playing.

To do all of that efficiently, you need to ask the question, ‘how does a DJ mixer work?’ so that you can get started. The way a DJ mixer mixes songs together is by creating channels that allow the sound created on the decks to go to the mixer to merge the sounds according to the various settings that the DJ has set up. A basic mixer will have around two sources for sound that can be merged, mostly vinyl spinners, but more elaborate mixers also exist that can let you add more sound sources to the deck.