Where Should You Go When You Are Metal Detecting


In movies or cartoons, we often see the characters going on with their metal detectors and trying to carry out metal detectors in the weirdest places but you will be shocked to hear that some of the scenes were accurate and you can find your treasure in the most common yet unusual places.

Let us look at some of the places where you go metal detecting.


People generally do not believe this but fields, especially the farming ones tend to have a lot of good in the ground and not just organic good. It is quite possible that you would find a lot of metal in one such field but we urge you to talk to the owner of the field before you go snooping around it and if you own a Garrett GTI 2500, we would recommend that you take it with you as it is an amazing metal detector.


It is the most common place to find treasure because loads of people mingle here and the waves can bring up a lot of good stuff. We would recommend that you spend hours detecting here, especially at night because it will be mostly empty and full of things that people might have dropped or forgotten which will add a lot of things to your collection.


Churches are the best place to find some interesting relics because generally churches are old as they generally get built whenever a town starts becoming alive. Since it is a historic building in a way, it collects relics over time which gets dropped by people who go to church. The most common thing that you might find is coins which would be an amazing addition to your collection though do talk to the church people before you start.