Why It’s Okay to Take Time Off


There have been a lot of strides when it comes to accepting a lot of different things and ideas that were once taboo. This comes in regards to gender rights, transgender rights etc. Another important issue that has been brought to light these past few decades is the importance of recognizing and taking care of our mental health. Mental illnesses aren’t as stigmatized anymore and access to therapists and mental health facilities are has been made easier.

However, there is still some discomfort and a degree of hesitance when the topic is brought up. A lot of us end up worrying how someone may react if we open upto them, so a lot of times, we keep quiet about it. However, sometimes it does understandably get overwhelming to deal with our everyday life and meeting its demands all the while struggling with a mental illness. That’s the thing about mental illness, you don’t have to fit a certain criteria or stereotype in order to be “eligible” for it. It isn’t limited to a socioeconomic class and it doesn’t necessarily have to be linked around “traumatic experiences” per se.

Regardless, there are times when it gets overwhelming to do even the most basic tasks. It is during this time that you give yourself the attention you need. Whatever you feel, physically or mentally at the time is valid. So, sometimes it’s okay to take some time off from things. You can skip a day or two from work or school and other responsibilities and just focus on yourself. Take the time you need to relax and center yourself. Be kind to yourself, take a shower, or even a long bath, get a bath bomb, try to read, and a long cry if you need to, and remind yourself that you’re going to be okay. You can check out review of the best bath bombs online for more information and stock up beforehand or whenever you feel like it.